Senior Design


Robots can be considered as a human replacement for applications ranging from manufacturing to surgery. The most popular end-effector have two or three tips with just one degree of freedom. These end-effectors cannot act as a precise alternative for applications such as those in surgery, physiotherapy, in laboratories dealing with hazardous substances, and in space exploration, where collection and processing of foreign material is the primary focus. There is a need for an anthropomorphic robotic hand in areas that require precision, and areas that may be potentially
hazardous to humans. Robotic anthropomorphic hand has been researched extensively for application in prosthetics and social robots. However, the use of the robotic hand can be further extended to include a semi-autonomous system that mimics the human-limb movement.

The goal of my team’s senior design will be to create an end effector that has two fingers instead of five (thumb 3DOF and an index finger 4DOF). The LEAP Motion sensor will be used to detect finger movements, MATLAB or Python will be used to filter the data and apply control theory such that the data sent to the servos enable them to move smoothly. Instead of controlling the servos in real-time, the user’s hand movements are recorded and parsed as a CSV file into MATLAB or Python which is then sent to the servos after being processed as a playback version rather than controlling the servos in real time.

My Responsibilities

  • Leading a team of 2 other MEM majors and 2 ECE majors to create an end effector that will act as the index and thumb finger of the human hand
  • Collaborating with a MEM group member to derive the control theory model (including inverse dynamics, vibrations)
  • Drafting the design in Simulink using the data acquired from the LEAP sensor
  • Collaborating with another MEM teammate to do the vibration and dynamics simulations in Solidworks
  • Coordinating with an ECE teammate for the efficient integration of the filtered from the LEAP sensor to be integrated into the Control theory
  • Drafting reports and other logistic analyses as required by the ECE department

Progress to follow at the end of March.